A Review of the Coffee That Cares

I blogged about winning a contest from the Breakfast Magazine. The contest was about Goodwill coffee, and how it cares for whoever will drink it. I remember mentioning that it cares because of the ingredients and the benefits, especially for a newbie mom like me(momnesia, anyone?).

Arabica and Robusta beans – premium beans that provide that wonderful coffee smell and taste that is superior than other instant coffee.

Moringa – immunity boosting

Spirulina – memory enhancing

Fast forward to receiving my prize, I got a lootbag from Breakfast Magazine, a Breakfast Magazine (Solenn on the cover), and a box of these wonderful coffee. It contains 10 sachets, which the hubby and I tried this morning.


After having a taste of the Goodwill coffee, here is what I can say:

The coffee tastes really good. The label said medium roast but it tasted stronger which I liked a lot. I was surprised as it tasted and smelled like that of a brewed coffee, which I think does not happen when I drink my usual 3 in 1. It also hints of a mild choco taste that reminds me of cocoa. I rarely see Goodwill in supermarkets but I am definitely looking forward once available as I will surely buy one.

2 thoughts on “A Review of the Coffee That Cares

  1. Edward of Goodwill Coffee

    Thank you for the review, Joanne! And for sharing it with the readers of your blog. 🙂 May we feature what you wrote in our testimonials page in our website? We’re happy to share your experience with the viewers of our website. 🙂

  2. paje20

    Of course. It is my pleasure to do a review of your product because it did not disappoint. Thank you as well! 🙂


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