A Rainbow Cake

Last week, I filed for a vacation leave for today. You see, the baby’s birthday fell on a Tuesday, a work day, and at the same time, the day itself is very alanganin from payday. Both Babe and I agreed to keep it simple instead and planned a swimming day for Geoff instead (will post about it after the event).

Anyway, since we did not get to prepare anything during the actual day (except for the gifts.. Haha!), I planned to bake him a cake, aside from the food we will be bringing to the resort. Armed with the necessary ingredients and the trusty baking book Babe gave me last Valentines day, I made a rainbow cake!

Based on the research I did, it should be 6 layers, with a vibrant colored butter cake. Since it is my first time to do so, I only made 5 layers (I didn’t make the orange layer anymore) due to height constraints. Add to it the fact that I can’t seem to level out the cakes as well as the frosting (such a noob!).

So there I was, 3 batches of batter and 5 colored cake layers after, I finally succeeded in creating a cake loaded with lots of sugar love! I haven’t sliced it yet because we plan to serve it tomorrow. I suck at decorating, so what I did was to make a crumb out of the colorful cake scraps and topped it on the cake instead. The rest became cake balls.


I will post the recipe soon. For now, this long day is taking a toll on me, and I need some shut eye 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Rainbow Cake

  1. Thea

    Looks good for a first timer Rainbow cake baker.. :)nThe first cake I did was 2 layers only. Ang hirap kaya! What more kung 5layers hehe.. Great job on that! And happy birthday to your little one..:)


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