A Quick Update

I am on leave today for a session with my dermatologist. While I await for the anesthesia to sink in, I decided to blog about a few things that I find share-worthy.

My Tito passed away this morning. My mom told me earlier and it is quite sad that I am unable to visit (lack of funds, lack of time). In a way, I also feel happy for him as he is now at peace. May he forever send his guidance to my Tita Ching and his daughter Grace and her son.

Let me also share these photos that I have uploaded in Instagram a few minutes ago.



As you can see, the baby enjoyed the lollipop that mommy gave him (note to self: a lollipop once a week will do). This was taken during the weekends and I was glad that he liked it. Yun nga lang, because of the amount of sugar, hyper ang bata. All he did after was run, climb, shout and throw his toys, remote, and whatever that he could put his hands to. No regrets but I have to make sure that the candy intake at a minimum.

Anyway, I will post about the procedure probably tomorrow. AND I want to thank those who visit this blog because they find it interesting, fun, entertaining, or just for the heck of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please don’t get tired of reading my posts.

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