A Poopy Tale

Saw this on Facebook today:


Photo courtesy of creativemanila.com, click to enlarge


Let’s face it. Everyone is guilty of being in this situation. Even at home, hindi ligtas sa ganitong moments lalo na that we are living in an apartment with only one bathroom and Babe is taking his sweet time inside (LOL!)

Pardon for the choice of a blog topic today. It’s a Friday and I feel that I want to share something really worth sharing and funny at the same time (haha!)

Lemme just share something. One of things that I hate is when this feeling strikes, whether it is for me, or for Babe, For Babe, he would grip my hands, rush me off wherever the nearest CR is as I prepare to wait for a good 30 minutes or so. Yes, it it takes him that long (I love you Babe! LOL!). For me, I’ll let him know so that I can excuse myself, BUT, he finds it amusing to show me every item that we pass by, making the 2 minute trip to the restroom more like 10 minutes, or until such time na hindi ko na maiiwasan na sigawan sya for not taking me seriously. Bad trip, diba? Gusto mo magmadali tapos isa-sidetrack ka pa.

Anyway, the feeling is normal. Hindi sya nakakahiya, unless of course, if meron na kasunod na bad air and mapatingin sayo lahat ng tao (haha!).

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