A Happy Update

The Medical City sucks.

According to my last post, we had an ultrasound from them last Saturday. Based from their report, my baby’s weight is only 2.3kg and amniotic fluid index is low. My OB recommended an increase in water intake as well as additional vitamins, which I am to take twice a day. She also recommended that I undergo another ultrasound procedure, but this time, with the BPS (I think it stands for Bio Physical Scan).

So I skipped work, with permission, of course, to have the procedure done. Babe and I left early in order to meet the schedule as the doctor that was recommended to us will only stay for an hour.

We got to FEU at around 10:30AM. Thankfully, we were third in line, thus we were still accommodated (the doctor only took 4 patients). It came our turn and they allowed babe inside the ultrasound room. We found out that from the reported 6.8 cm of water, I am at 11.27cm, far above the average. In addition, baby Geoff’s weight was also normal, which was 2.5kg. There are other discrepancies shown on the report, but my OB said she will explain further on Saturday.

I also asked the OB Sono if it was possible to see baby Geoff’s face, it turned out that the little rascal doesn’t want to show his face yet (baka nahiya kase iba ung nag ultrasound sa kanya). In addition, panay ang likot nya before the procedure, pero bigla na lang nanahimik nung nag start na. No matter how hard the OB’s shakes on him were, ayaw talaga nya maglikot. So there.

We are just happy that everything is normal. I won’t be induced, baby Gabe is fine, and I am on the right track. 2 weeks na lang, we will be able to see, hold, smell, and be with our precious little angel. 🙂

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