A Few Weeks More..

I know, I know.. I haven’t posted for a while. I have been busy and lazy, and am currently making excuses why I haven’t posted recently.

Anyway, I had my routine check up last Saturday. All is well, Gabe still has a steady and strong heartbeat. My doctor also told me that I am now on my 33rd week, and in a minimum of 5 weeks, we will be seeing our very own little baby Gabe.

I am excited, so is Babe, my mom, his ate, and everyone else. My mom already bought a ton of stuff for Gabe and Ate Jen gave me a lot of Acob’s things which are almost new.

I also listed items that we might need when Gabe arrives. So far, all I could do is to list everything I could think of since we are waiting for payday until we could buy those items.

It’s so sad that we might not be able to do the 3d or 4d scan as we lack budget, but either way, 5 weeks minimum is such a short time to wait. We’re almost there. See you soon, Gabe!

2 thoughts on “A Few Weeks More..

  1. John Roberts on Facebook

    hi joanne ,balong,my best wishes and prayer for you . i know everybody is excited for the coming of baby gabe.. sana andyan ako!!!well anyway your mom will be beside when time comes.balong don’t panic ha!! wag kang mataranta…take care guys!!


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