Back when I was still at my old company, one of my supervisors, Oliver, has this mantra. The 5S. He used to get irritated with how our desks are so cluttered and that it was not organized at all.

My old station looks like this:


Got this from Malen‘s site. I find this piece very useful and informative.

SORT – If there are issues arising, evaluate yourself. Is it because of you (what you’ve done or what you’ve said) or the other party involved? Know when you’re wrong even if you’re convinced you are right. If it’s YOU, eliminate your bad attitudes and keep the good ones.

SET IN ORDER – Reflect on your disposition then act accordingly. Put away any selfish deeds and act according to what’s right and what’s beneficial to everyone.

SHINE – Make an effort to keep your relationships unstained. When things get messy…clean it! ASAP. Build an open communication, bridge the gap, encourage one another and bring out the best in each other.

STANDARD – Conform, fit in, mingle and learn to compromise to establish harmonious relationship all the time.

SUSTAIN – Sustain your relationships and never let the issues, misunderstandings, miscommunication and differences of opinion on both parties get blown out of proportion leading to distrust and feeling of disloyalty.

Happy Friday!

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