Hunt for Phone: Nokia Lumia 920

My first phone is a Nokia. It was a 5110, which I had when I was in college, year 2004. It was a result of hard work, being a part time service crew at the time. That phone lasted me 3 years, until I decided to upgrade it to a 3310.

As I base my buying preference to the quality of the brand, most of the phones I had since then was from Nokia. Currently, I am looking for an upgrade to something better. The craze about androids and iOS is kinda driving me crazy. So para maiba naman, why not look for a phone that has neither iOS or Android WITHOUT compromising the speed and output expected from a phone? Alas, I saw the Nokia Lumia 920, which was powered by Windows 8.

Nokia-Abenson 01

My requirements for a phone is simple. The output of the camera should be good, I should be able to call and text with no technical difficulties, and it should have bluetooth and wifi. When we checked out the sample Lumia from Abenson, I tested the camera first. It was way better than my previous phone. It uses the Clearblack and Pureview technology that I really have no idea what it is about, but it definitely delivered the result I needed for a phone. It seems easy enough to use as it is Windows based, so I think it has everything I needed for a phone.

BTW, Abenson offers the best deals. I found out that I can use my Citibank credit card and avail of the installment plan at 0% interest. Not only that, it comes with a freebie! Well, the freebie depends on the store where you will buy it, but, dba? magandang offer na yun!

Nokia-Abenson 02Time to hit the nearest Abenson shop, or better, go for the Shangrila, Trinoma, or the Greenbelt branch to get a better feel of the phone and the best offers!


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