52 Week Challenge and a Few Delays

So, my post for Oblivious was supposed to be for week 51. I find it sad that I was unable to regularly post Geoff’s weekly pictures. In my defense, I have 2 valid reasons:

  1. I was busy with our move.
  2. The baby discovered the joy of deleting photos and videos from my phone.

So, with the help of my trusted back up from Google drive, I was only able to retrieve a few. At least, as far as I remember, there are still a few that were backed up on a weekly basis, so I can still post that. This post is photo heavy, I hope that whoever is browsing will do so until the end of the post. 🙂


Week 34 – The baby watched a Hi5 episode where Lauren was a cool cat. He wanted to be the same 🙂


Week 35 – A pose with Jollibee


Week 36 – Remember the cool cat episode? It was again shown on Disney Junior.


Week 37 – The boy wanted to play dress up. He was channeling Honesto and a minion at the same time


Week 38 – His Mimim and his phone. Trying to slow down before bed time


Week 39 – Geoff’s 1st Fun Ranch experience. He definitely enjoyed that day.


Week 40 – Bonus week. The baby chose his own toy from the toy store. I could not resist. Sorry.


Week 41 – He loves his books, but does not want to be read one.


Week 42 – Ate’s birthday week. Geoff was given a new fishing set, which unfortunately broke before we even got home.


Week 43 – Bought a burger from a nearby store. He liked it


Week 44 – Rekindling his love for clay. Hindi na cia nandidiri! Yay!


Week 45 – We visited Mama Lola in Las Pinas. The baby saw the mini ferris wheel and insisted that we both ride it


Week 46 – The curious batchoi was at it while I de-cluttering our room.


Week 47 – After grocery Jollibee treat. Again, what’s with Jollibee and kids?


Week 48 – We had a hard time convincing Geoff to hold up the signs. And the last time I will be baking a cake 🙁


Week 49 – His first week in Las Pinas. The baby gained more pounds as he made eating his favorite hobby (add the lola to the equation and you know what I mean!)


Week 50 – My view from the bathroom while I am taking a dump. Yep, I lost all sorts of privacy when we moved back to Las Pinas.

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