It’s more than a month since we moved, and we are still enjoying the feel of being in a new home. We can hardly wait for some of our friends to visit us, and at the same time, plan wonderful things ahead.

Here are some of the things that we would like to and make sure that will happen starting next year.

1. Finish paying for Leni.

2. Apply for jobs in Singapore to earn a higher salary.

3. While working in SG, save up for our dream house and accomplish our papers for Canada.

4. Take Gabe with us when we work in SG.

As for this year:

1. Pay off all debts (insurance, credit cards)

2. Purchase some of our projects that I have listed.

3. Complete all of Gabe’s needs. (Almost done , gifts are still welcome, though :))


I have most of the things I need listed on my notebook. However, I am too lazy to get up and  take it with me. Will be listing more in a couple of days..

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