2013 To Do List

I have been stalking some blogs now, particularly the Mommy Fleur blog and recently the Life as a CEO blog. I saw that they have these to do list, mostly for the year. It got me wondering as well kung ano ano pa ba yung mga gusto kong gawin this year.

When I got pregnant with Geoff, all my plans din kasi na pang dalaga came to a halt. I got married, meaning, hindi na pwedeng basta na lang ako mag plan for myself. Ciempre, kailangan, kasama na si Babe pag meron akong gusto puntahan, or i-experience. Just the same, nung lumabas si Geoff, all priorities that will exclude him were pushed to the veeeery bottom of the list. Sad pero ok lang sakin. Tulad ng sinasabi at sasabihin pa ng ibang moms out there, it is all worth it.

So there, here is my Bucket or To Do list:

1. To lose weight. As in yung sexy na lose weight. I am starting my diet right now. Hindi man ako umabot sa birthday ni Geoff, at least pang ready ito sa Palawan trip namin ni Babe.

2. To be able to wear a swim suit. Or at least, look good in it habang may cover up.. Heehee!

3. To be debt free. Well, technically, patapos na ang bayad sa car, will deal with other bayarin pag keri na.

4. To have my own gas range. For sure sa May meron na to. And I am gonna have soooo much fun with it.

5. To be able to start a serious business. You see, I have tried selling trinkets such as earrings and bracelets pero yung mga simple lang. Chaka food. Again, small time to. I dream of owning a big business. With the help of the oven, I can think of selling cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other stuff. I am also imagining clay sculptures..

6. To expand my knowledge in creating nice things. In short, to be creative. Hindi kasi ako artsy fartsy. This item sa list ko is something that will really help me in the long run. Being pulido, this is exactly what I need if I want to start a business.

7. To fill up Geoff’s coin bank. I will post a picture of it maybe after the party. Para you will get a visual of how BIG it is. 🙂

8. To be regularized. I am currently a project based QA, now starting the probationary phase. Let me now cross my fingers that in another 3 months, I will get this item out of my list.

9. Pay off my mom’s SSS. This is a gift that I thought of giving her. Kaso, since we are still paying for the car, on hold muna. Sana umabot ako sa Christmas. Matutuwa un kasi may makukuha na ciang pension when time comes.

10. To receive a sign. You see, Babe and I have a lot of plans for the future. Ang mag migrate and magkaron ng sariling bahay. Sana makakuha kami ng sign kung ano ung best na ipursue namin. Hindi birong commitment ang pagbabayad ng bahay or ang pagpa-process ng papers for migration. Ibayong resources(*cough*finances*cough*) ang kakailanganin namin for each and we can only choose one for the mean time.

11. To win at contests. I am so envious of winners, so gusto ko, ako din. Ciempre, if I don’t join, hindi ako mananalo, so career muna ako sa mga contests. And yun, part ng to do list ko ang manalo. Haha!

For now, ito muna. Just like the mommy bloggers I mentioned above, hopefully, marami akong mai-cross out until early next year.

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